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Outdoor Gravity Park is an amazing adventure destination in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee located at the foothills of the Smoky Mountains, featuring the only zorbing park in the USA! Zorbing was invented in New Zealand and is the act of rolling down a hill in a giant 11 foot inflatable ball with up to 3 people! Ride down our 1000 foot hill with 3 different tracks to choose from!!! Ages 5 years and up can ride.

Outdoor Gravity Park has a total of four tracks with three very unique experiences:


(1 person only)

This zig-zag course is so extreme you must ride solo!!! If you are up for an extreme adventure this is a must do!!!


(Up to 3 people)

If you have a need for speed, this is the zorbing track for you. A total of 3 people can roll and you will definitely have experience being a little out of control as you speed down our 1000+ ft hill.


(Up to 3 people)

Combines the turns of the Zig Zag course with the speed of the Fast Tracks. Up to 3 people can roll in this one of a kind experience like no other zorbing track in the world!!

Coronavirus precautions:

1. Per the CDC, proper Chlorine levels KILL the Coronavirus Germs.

2. ALL water used in the ride is Chlorinated and Tested to Pool Standards. 

3. NEW CLEAN CHLORINATED water is provided for EVERY RIDE.

4. The activity is in the open air and is outdoors based.

5. All door handles and touchable areas are wiped down regularly during operating hours.


The OGO is an 11-ft. transparent sphere constructed from over 300 sq. ft. of plastic, more than 1,000 little plastic anchors, about 600 multi-colored strings, and endless hours of welding, gluing, and tying combined to make a beautiful big ball that you can jump inside and roll down a hill.


This wet and wild experience is the most popular way to roll down a hill in an OGO. One, two or three riders enter the H20GO at the top of the 1000 ft hill. You will superman-dive into the OGO and then we add in 10 gallons of water – cool in summer and warm in winter. Then we secure the door closed and launch the OGO downhill. The water inside the OGO makes the inside so slippery that the riders slide inside while it revolves around them. No dizziness or tumbling, just good clean fun! So don’t forget to bring your swimsuit and a towel!


Outdoor Gravity Park is the only place in America you can experience all of these outrageous attractions. If you are planning your vacation to Pigeon Forge or Gatlinburg or the Smoky Mountains, Outdoor Gravity Park is a fun and affordable way to slip, slide, and get wet! This adventure is fun for people of all ages 5+, families, or large groups so it is the perfect way for the whole family to cool off and let loose.

Since we opened in April of 2015, we have been focusing on creating the ultimate experience for all of our guests, thriving on innovation and fun. We truly care about our each of our customer’s experiences and your opinions shape the way we function. We strive for perfection, and though we know we have room to grow, our customer’s reviews speak for themselves.

Outdoor Gravity Park is family owned and operated. We were inspired to bring this attraction back to the states while on a family trip to New Zealand. It took years to manifest the dream but we knew that this was something everyone would love and experience that should not be missed. We think Pigeon Forge, Tennessee located next to the Smoky Mountains near Gatlinburg, TN is the ideal location.


The Outdoor Gravity Park is located in the foothills of the picturesque Smoky Mountains in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Pigeon Forge is a mountain resort area located 33 miles southeast of Knoxville, Tennessee in the southeast part of the United States and is five miles from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, one of the largest protected areas in the Eastern United States.

The Smoky Mountains are world-renowned for the diversity of its plant and animal life, the beauty of its ancient mountains, the quality of its remnants of Southern Appalachian mountain culture, and the depth and integrity of its wilderness sanctuary. Once a part of the Cherokee Indians homeland, the area is a favorite among people seeking outdoor activities and offers a wide range of hiking, rock climbing, fishing, camping, and horse trekking.

Pigeon Forge is five miles from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the most visited national park in the United States with 9.3 million visitors in 2003 (according to the US National Park Service). The Outdoor Gravity Park is very fortunate to have the Smoky Mountains as a neighbor and consider the Smoky Mountains area the ideal spot for zorbing. The park is located just off the parkway, right behind the giant King Kong. Be sure to visit and cross zorbing off your bucket list!